Many people buy luminous powder and say that after the luminous powder is full of energy, it can only emit light for more than ten minutes in a dark environment, and think that glow in the dark powder has a short luminous time.

The luminous powder has the function of “storing energy-glowing.” After stopping the light, the luminous powder will start to release energy and emit a luminous effect. When it emits light, it will consume its stored energy and become less and less, then its brightness Will slowly weaken.

According to the data, luminous powder decays very quickly within one hour or 10 minutes of light emission and then slows down after one hour.

We use night cursor cards as an example. The luminous source of night cursor cards is luminous powder. It takes 120 hours from the time when the brightness starts to decay to the limit of the eyes. It takes more than 60 hours for the ordinary luminous powder to decay brightness.

Therefore, when promoting glow in the dark powder, the merchant will make a conservative estimate of the time of light emission, which is about 12 hours. This is no problem.

glow in the dark powder