Luminous movement is a brand-new concept, carried out in the dark environment under ultraviolet and other irradiation. Put on light-emitting clothes and light-emitting devices in dark sports equipment, turn off all lights, so that you can dance and exercise in dark environments.

Luminous dodgeball:

This sport is the most popular. Observe the direction of the ball in a dark environment to avoid it. Through this sport, you can train your responsiveness and agility, and you can find multiple friends together.

Luminous football:

Turn off the lights and show your true technology in a dark environment. Here, you can have the same technology as the star. This is a very good team project.

Luminous volleyball:

In the UK, volleyball is one of the fastest-growing sports. Test your teamwork and personal ball-control skills. Here, use glowing volleyball to play a beautiful spiking ball, making you the most shining star.

Luminous sports are still many, in the dark environment, show your true technology. In this activity, you can freely use your imagination. Luminous sports do not differ in age and gender, birthday parties, company group building, this place is the best place.

Is there radiation from these glowing sports? Will it cause harm to the body? The luminous area on the equipment is made of luminous powder, luminous paint and other materials. It is non-toxic, non-polluting and non-radioactive and can be used with confidence.