A unique interactive glow t-shirt for children; Using the included Glow Pen or a mobile phone torch you can create your own designs on the clothing – again and again! They are perfect for everyone – whether you’re at a festival, at home with the family, out with the friends, and kids love it too! Makes the perfect gift!

The glow effect lasts between 5-10 minutes, before fading away completely. This means you can keep interacting with the t-shirt throughout your day or night.

The T-shirts are machine washable, perfect for when you come back from a festival or a children’s party. As they are 100% cotton, they feel great to wear due to the natural fibres. Each T-shirt includes a Glow Pen, allowing you to charge up the glow canvas. You can also create cool shadow effects from a distance.

The reason why the T-shirt shines is because a luminous product is added during the production process. There are two options for this luminous product, one is glow-yin-the-dark powder and the other is glow-in-the-dark paint. According to different production processes, to choose the correct luminous products for production and processing.

Glow in the dark T-shirt