The long-lasting luminous powder involves a wide range of applications. There are many types of products. The lasting luminous powder is made into a glow in the dark paint, luminous inks, luminous plastics, luminous fibers, luminous paper, luminous glass, luminous ceramics, luminous marble, etc. and used in a security emergency, transportation, building decoration, etc. In the field of modern printing, it is suitable for the packaging and printing of official documents, marketable securities, certificates, and advanced commodities such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, cosmetics, and so on.

Glow technology’s long-lasting luminous powder is currently the most commonly used luminous material. In addition to being used in many fields, luminous powder, fluorescent powder, and light-storing powder can also be further processed to make glow in the dark stone, luminous broken glass, and luminous cobblestone. , Glowing mosaics, glowing signs, glowing ceramics, etc.

In people’s work and life, these luminescent materials play an important role in aesthetics, decoration, safety instructions, etc., and gradually become an indispensable part of people’s lives. The luminous powder is widely used in injection molding, and certain techniques and methods must be followed.

Glow in the dark powder as an additive is evenly distributed in various transparent media such as coatings, inks, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc., to realize the luminous function of the medium, and to achieve the body color of the material during the day, and emit different colors of light at night Presents good low-brightness emergency lighting, signage, and decorative features.

glow in the dark powder