Glow technology long-acting luminous powder light-storing material is a long-lasting afterglow luminescent material, referred to as long-acting luminous powder. The crystals formed during the synthesis of this type of material. This crystal has the property of emitting light. The defects caused by the crystal are called excitation light. The impurities existing in the crystal are called activated light. The actual application of each Most of the light-emitting materials is the latter.

You can choose the long-lasting noctilucent powder of rare earth materials produced by Noctilucent. This product is non-toxic, harmless, and non-radiation. The luminous material emits light according to the principle of photoluminescence. Its excitation light source is daylight and artificial light source. It absorbs light energy and stores it. After the light stops, the stored energy is slowly released in the form of light.

The process of absorbing light, emitting light, storing, and re-emitting light can be repeated indefinitely, similar to the repetitive process of charging, discharging, recharging, and recharging the cell phone battery. This luminescent material emits light in a dark environment without an external light source, and its luminous time is called afterglow time.

Among all luminescent materials, the luminous powder with rare earth as the raw material has the best afterglow performance and can achieve afterglow for more than 15 hours.

glow in the dark powder