The formula of glow in the dark powder is mainly rare earth. The luminous powder of glow technology has low light absorption conditions. Generally, it can absorb sunlight, ultraviolet light, and weak light, which can be converted into energy storage, and then automatically emit light in a dark environment. It can be achieved by absorbing various visible light. Illumination function and can be used for unlimited cycles up to 15 years.

Glow Technology Luminous Powder Formulas at a glance: alumina, calcium carbonate, strontium carbonate, boric acid, thorium oxide, thorium oxide are fired at different proportions to form luminous blocks, and then through physical processes such as crushing, roller pairing, ball milling, and screening, the luminous The block is processed into luminous powder of different particle sizes required by the guests.

Noctilucent’s noctilucent powder formula does not contain any radioactive materials. The blending of our company’s noctilucent powder and noctilucent masterbatch can be customized in color, particle size, and waterproof performance to meet the different requirements of different manufacturers for their products. Glow technology luminous powder has strong weather resistance, light and temperature resistance, and long service life. Before shipment, our glow in the dark powders are strictly controlled. We provide better products, pay more attention to moisture resistance in packaging, and make customers satisfied and rest assured.

Noctilucent Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a professional company with many years of experience in the production and sales of noctilucent powder. The products are sold at home and abroad and are used in various industries. The development of further engineering technology for the problems in the application process has been unanimously praised by users.

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