Luminous powder and luminescent materials have unique decoration and warning functions. They are widely used in advertising, decoration, access to factories, high voltage, danger, potholes, safety warnings at construction sites, and no energy at night for military facilities — low lighting.

Warning signs in public places, subways, stations, airports, ports, highways, city streets, shopping malls, office buildings, apartments, entertainment venues, cinemas, gaming venues, scenic areas, stadiums, exhibition centers, schools, hospitals, etc. , Emergency evacuation system, specifically in stairs, corridors, walls, floors, decks, lifeboats, lifesaving equipment, fire protection facilities, can also be used for clocks, buttons, field instruments, indicators, radios, cameras, general accessories, clothing products, Power switch, fishing tools, etc.

The luminous powder can be used in coatings to make glow in the dark paint. In the choice of materials, the resin used should have good light transmission. At the same time, because the luminous powder is a weakly alkaline substance, the resin is preferably neutral or Weak alkaline. If the water-based resin is used to make water-based paint, the luminous powder needs to be waterproofed on the surface.

In the selection of auxiliary agents, the auxiliary agents in luminous paint mainly include dispersant and anti-settling agents, and heavy metal compounds cannot be used as auxiliary agents. The paint should be configured with glass or ceramic containers. The particle size of the luminous powder should be as small as possible. When the paint is configured, it should not be ground. A high-speed stirring method should be used. By using an anti-settling agent, the storage time of the luminous paint can be improved.

glow in the dark paint