In the Netherlands’ Brabant Province, the world’s first superb luminous bike lane was born. This bike lane is 600 meters long and has thousands of solar luminous stones (glow in the dark stones) with a special brightness. These glowing little stones are arranged in a vortex, drawing a wonderful starry sky effect.

The design of this bike lane is inspired by Van Gogh’s famous painting “Starry Sky”-depicting the feelings of the universe and the world buried deep in the soul of Van Gogh. Today, Dutch designers are inspired by “Starry Sky” and have pioneered a revolutionary technology that allows these small stones to rely on solar energy to store energy during the day when there is plenty of sunlight: Then, release the energy at night and let the small The stones glow.

However, animals and plants do not actively change the light at night. Therefore, in order to prevent the surrounding animals from being affected by the night light, the glow in the dark intensity of this lighting system is limited to a certain range. In addition, its superior anti-skid performance can also reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians and pedestrians at night.

In addition to commemorating Van Gogh, this bike lane is also an attempt for a new type of intelligent highway. So, can bicycle lanes use new energy sources to light up, does it mean that traditional street lighting is about to become a thing of the past? Let us wait and see.

glow in the dark bike