The dials and hands of many watches are coated with Super-LumiNova. This coating absorbs sunlight and all artificial light sources to emit light. Therefore, the watch should be placed in bright light to ensure that the dial and hands glow in the dark. Please note: Glow in the dark brightness and duration may vary depending on the model of the watch, the color of the Super-LumiNova luminous coating, and the time it is exposed to light sources.

Let’s take a look at this material:

Super-LumiNova is the most popular non-radioluminescent material at present, “Super-LumiNova” itself is a registered trademark. Japan’s Nemoto & Co. Ltd. and Switzerland’s RC TRITEC Ltd. are the patent holders of the luminous technology, and they jointly established LumiNova AG Switzerland. Super-LumiNova uses a new compound coating that emits brighter luminous light than previous luminous paints.

This material

As long as it is exposed to light for several minutes, it can continue to emit light for several hours. This material has very strong light resistance, will not cause discoloration for a long time, and has very good chemical stability. It will not yellow even after years of use. As a noctilucent material, because it has no radiation, it cannot emit light by itself, so it is a form of light storage. LumiNova absorbs the light source and produces greater brightness than lutetium, with a lifetime of up to 25 years.

Most of the current Swiss watches use LumiNova type luminous lights. Most importantly, LumiNova can add a variety of colors to match, such as pink, blue, yellow, red, etc., to create colorful luminous effects.

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