Luminous fibers are functional fibers that emit light under a normal or special light. According to the different nature of light irradiation, light-emitting fibers are divided into two types: first, light-storing fibers, which are widely used in the field of security, decorative clothing, and anti-counterfeiting. The second is fluorescent fiber, which is used in the field of anti-counterfeiting and decorative clothing.

The light-storing material can also be called luminous powder, which refers to a material that can absorb and accumulate sunlight or indoor lighting light source, and can convert energy into visible light after the light source disappears. An environmentally-friendly and energy-saving new material.

The radium element discovered by Mrs. Curie can be called the first-generation self-luminous material; the traditional sulfide luminescent material is the second-generation self-luminous material; in the 1990s, China successfully developed the third-generation light-storing self-luminous material. For example, the light-emitting mechanism of rare earth elements is a microscopic physical process. Due to their special electronic structure, the electrons in the outer layer of the atom can rise from low to high under the light, so they can store light.

However, the light storage material itself cannot be directly used as an end product, and it must be combined with other materials to obtain an industrial raw material for the application. The light-storing fiber is a kind of light-emitting product and refers to a fiber that can store light energy after being irradiated by sunlight or light and can emit light in the dark.

The products processed by this fiber have new, strange and special effects, and can be made into clothing, ropes, nets, tarpaulins, etc., and are widely used in transportation, security, mining, marine lifesaving, marine fishing, and other fields. For this fiber, the traditional development method is to add a light-storing material (glow in the dark powder) to the fiber-forming polymer, add a small amount of activator to mix, and then produce the fiber by spinning.

Luminous Powder For Injection Molding