Technical indicators of luminous powder

  1. Initial brightness: Under the light of a certain brightness (1000LUX), the value of the detection instrument is 0. Because the initial glow in the dark brightness decays faster, the error of the capture time has a greater effect, and the brightness is compared for one minute. Noctilucent’s super-bright luminous powder with a brightness of 5323med / ㎡.
  2. Sustainability: With the change of time, the brightness of the luminous powder continuously decreases, and the brightness values ​​at different moments are compared to measure the speed of its luminous decay. The comparison is generally made in 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour.
  3. Granularity: Granularity is an important parameter of luminous powder. It has a great impact on the application performance of the powder. Generally, the average particle size and particle size distribution are used to describe the particle size characteristics. The unit is micron. Detected. In real life, “mesh” is used to describe the situation of granularity. The luminous powder is generally divided into 160 mesh, 200 mesh, 250 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh, and so on according to the production process. Generally speaking, the same quality of the luminous powder, the larger the particle size, the higher the brightness, but the worse the performance.
  4. Photosensitivity speed: Describes the length of time it takes for the luminous powder to absorb energy under a certain light without reaching saturation. Short time, fast photosensitivity, long time, and slow photosensitivity, good persistence, slow photosensitivity. The light absorption speed of the long-lasting glow in the dark powder is above 15 minutes.