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I will introduce the application area briefly of glow in the powder, glow in the dark paint and glow in the dark stone.

First, glow in the dark powder. It is divided into the body color during the day and the luminous color in the dark. We have about ten colors of glow powder. Their glowing color is sky-blue, blue, green, blue-green, yellow, yellow-green, lemon-green, orange, magenta, pink-red. The highest brightness powder is yellow-green and blue-green, sky-blue in these ten colors.

The application of glow powder is extensive. You can add it to any transparent neutral medium. Let it glows, play the role of saving energy and environmental protection. The most commonly used are some safety escape signs. The applied medium mainly includes printing, coating, plastic, fiber, glass, and tile, etc. The luminous powder has different waterproof ability, particle size, brightness for different applications.

Second, glow in the dark paint. It has different kinds, such as an indoor, outdoor, ground, wall. The properties and construction requirements of luminous paint are different in different scenes. And luminous paint can also be used on a variety of different material surfaces, such as glass, metal, wood, stone, etc.

Glow in the dark grout sealer is our Newly developed and unique product. It adds characteristics of glow in the dark compared to ordinary sealers. Apply to the gaps in tile, swimming pools, toilets, stairs, marble, etc. Beautiful, durable, Mildew proof, and dust-proof.

Last, glow in the dark stone. It is divided into glass, resin, and natural pebbles wrapped in luminous paint.

The glass material luminous stone has the characteristics of high hardness and strong weather resistance. You can sand or cut as you like. Suitable for outdoor garden landscape, Luminous road paving, swimming pool, and other decoration.

The resin material luminous stone can be made kinds of colors and has a smooth surface. However, only suitable for indoor use because the resin material is easy to age outdoors.

Another new product is natural pebbles painted with luminous paint. It has strong abrasion resistance, natural environmental protection, and high brightness. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

The above is our kind main products and applications. Welcome to contact us for the use and knowledge of various luminous products. Glow Technology has been focusing on luminous product production and research for 20 years. Thanks for watching it.

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