1. The particle size of luminous powder: The particle size of the luminous powder is different for different media. When making luminous glass, choose 11-mesh luminous powder. The effect is the best.

2. Under normal circumstances, the luminous powder can be used as an ordinary colorant. According to the time in the actual production process, select a suitable oil-based printing ink and stir the additives thoroughly (metal containers can not be used, so as to avoid blackening for a long time) ), After full fusion, use 80 mesh grid for printing, if you want better luminous brightness and luminous time, you can print a few more times; generally two to three times is more appropriate.

3. If it needs to be mixed with melt block and transparent glaze, the ratio of glow in the dark powder and melt block or transparent glaze is 1: 1 or 6: 4 or 6:10, the main body can be debugged according to the actual effect.

4. Ordinary glass products need to be made at a high temperature. When making luminous glass products, avoid contact between bright powder and high-temperature glass, which will affect the brightness and luminous time of luminous powder. The luminous powder can be mixed with glass pigments for infiltration and use. Cold spray or spray methods can be used to achieve the desired effect.

luminous glass (night)