Have you seen any glittering skirts? It looks like an ordinary skirt during the day, and it can be beautiful and beautiful at night. The girl is lovely and puts it down.

In previous years, the fashion festival was successfully held, and Met Ball has undoubtedly made headlines in major media. Because she wore a flowing skirt, and the darker the environment, the brighter the skirt. The skirt exudes the same light as “white moonlight,” and I am very temperamental. It is simply a stunning audience, very beautiful.

What is the principle of this glow in the dark skirt? I didn’t think I thought it was emitting light through the LED, but it is difficult to achieve this delicate and gradual effect. In fact, there is a self-luminous material that can be used in spinning and weaving, which is the luminous powder we are familiar with.

Some people will say that luminous powder is radioactive and harmful to people! This statement is wrong. Now the luminous powder is made of rare earth, which is harmless to the human body, let alone radioactive. Radioactive noctilucent powders existed a long time ago, although they have a long afterglow and do not need to be excited to emit light. Because radioactivity is harmful to the human body, and the cost of production is high, it gradually disappears into people’s sight.

The current luminous powder can store light energy during the day or when light is shining, and then emit light. And, it can make any size particle size, making the application of luminous powder very wide! Just like the luminous skirt above, the luminous effect is made of luminous powder. The particle size of this luminous powder is very small. We call it “ultra-fine glow in the dark powder.” Luminous powder that is small and finer than starch.

Glowing skirt