Fashion elements are constantly increasing, and many novel clothes have become mainstream. Many people now like to wear luminous clothes. Luminous clothes are added to luminous pigments (glow in the dark powder) to clothes, hats, and pants. They can be clearly seen in dimly lit or dark places.

Although luminous clothes are very popular, luminous clothes also have great shortcomings. Because they are painted with luminous pigments, they are very easy to fade. Special attention needs to be paid to the way of washing luminous clothes, so how to wash luminous clothes so as not to fade? The following editors will introduce some methods for cleaning luminous clothes without fading.

Luminous clothes all achieve the luminous effect by absorbing the light source. Compared with ordinary clothes, luminescent properties are increased in the dark. In the pattern processing, water-based luminous pigments are used for production, and screen printing technology is used to print it. This manufacturing process can basically achieve the characteristics of color, not falling off, no color change, uniform coloring, strong adhesion, and so on. Make the luminous clothes more practical than previous products. Luminous pigments are specially processed and are water-based environmentally friendly materials. The luminous clothes they make are safe and beautiful. Most of the luminous clothes are made of cotton. Many businesses can order the patterns they want.

The latest luminous clothes will feel a little hard on the touch, and they will become softer after washing, but it should be noted that luminous clothes need to be washed after opening for 48 hours. When cleaning luminous clothes, it is recommended to use warm water below 40 ° C or cool water, do not use detergents containing bleach. Similarly, do not rub the surface of the pattern hard! If the pattern is dirty, you ca n’t rub it with your hands. Wipe it with a wet towel. You ca n’t rub it and then consider cleaning. You must rub it slowly when you wash it.

Never wash clothes after washing! Let glow in the dark clothes dry naturally, and do not expose them to the sun. Use a hanger when storing, and do not stack it with other clothes.

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