Claire Danes once wore a glow in the dark skirt at Met Gala, and now this popular element has entered the jewelry industry. A luminous collection of jewelry launched by Manon Richard, a Canadian designer, and photographer, they emit blue-green light, like an elf from the magic world, filled with psychedelic mystery.

Luminous jewelry is a bold innovation. In traditional jewelry, luminous materials such as luminous powder and luminous stone are added. The luminous jewelry produced can attract people’s attention and absorb the energy of light in a light environment. In a dark environment, it releases energy and emits a luminous effect.

The luminous materials in luminous jewelry are non-toxic and pollution-free, with no radiation, and very safe. Then, no matter the eastern culture or the western culture, luminous jewelry can be integrated and innovated in these two cultures.

In different periods, regions, and nations, they have created countless jewelry and jewelry works according to their respective needs. With the development of human science and technology and culture and art, jewelry constantly changes. There are also many differences between Eastern and Western jewelry culture. With the exchange and integration of eastern and western cultures, the jewelry that combines eastern and western cultures is also more and more loved by more and more people!

Oriental jewelry is dominated by dragons and phoenixes. The dragon is a symbol of totems in China. After further evolution of totem development, the totem images of various animals such as dragons and phoenixes were formed.

Western jewelry themes make heavy use of lions and elephants. In the eyes of westerners, the lion is the king of beasts and the embodiment of “nobleness.” The shape of the lion represents “victory.” The appearance of elephants in western jewelry is influenced by religion. Westerners think that elephants are a kind of sacred Animal; it symbolizes “longevity” and “eternity.”

Luminous Jewellery