In the home market, there are many types of coatings. Different types of paints have different properties and decorative effects. Among them, the most unique is glow in the dark paint. It is a new type of coating, mainly used in the decoration of entertainment places or high-end residences.
Many people don’t know enough about luminous paint. They only know that it is a wall art paint, but they don’t know how to use it. Therefore, I have organized here to tell you what is luminous paint and how to use luminous paint.
Luminous paint is a kind of wall art painting, which can continue to shine for more than 10 hours in a dark environment so that it can present a dreamy multi-dimensional space. The decorative effect of the luminous paint is very good, and the pattern produced is very vivid, and no problems such as cracking will occur during use. Plasticity is very strong; you can make patterns according to your preferences.
Applying luminous paint to home decoration can create a unique home improvement effect. Also, it is a new type of environmentally friendly material that can be used with confidence and has a service life of more than ten years.
Luminous paint needs to be stirred before use to prevent the glow in the dark powder and pigment from sedimenting. In the process of brushing, the effect of multi-layer brushing will be better.
During the brushing process of each layer, it is necessary to wait for the paint film on the bottom layer to dry completely before performing the second layer brushing. This brushing method can effectively avoid air bubbles and detachment.
When applying glow in the dark paint, the dust on the wall surface needs to be cleaned up. The dust will not only affect the performance of the paint film but also affect the overall appearance.

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