1. The paint surface is flat, and the coverage area is large. It is recommended to use the spraying method (the air spray gun is the best).
  2. When spraying with an air gun, it can be used directly without dilution, or an appropriate amount of diluent (both BAC or toluene) can be added according to the spray viscosity requirements. The amount of diluent should be ≦ five ﹪ to avoid reducing its cover.
  3. Glow in the dark paint (oil-based self-drying spray paint), which contains polar organic solvents, which may erode the surface of general water-based paints and elastic paints. For caution, please use it in a small area or a hidden place before use. Try out.
  4. Clean the construction surface before spraying. If it is not smooth, please repair the surface first; and wait for it to dry completely before spraying with white primer in order to improve the glow in the dark brightness and time of luminous paint.
  5. After spraying the primer is completely dry, spray the luminous paint again. It is best to spray 15-25 cm from the surface when spraying. After spraying a layer of luminous paint on the surface of the construction, wait about 5-10 minutes before spraying the second. A layer of luminous paint.
  6. The time interval for spraying each layer is 5-10 minutes. It is best to spray at least two times as the minimum benchmark, according to the uniformity after spraying. It can be sprayed a third time or more, depending on the thickness of the luminous paint film. Increasing its light storage capacity is stronger (brighter at night).
  7. Luminous paint (drying time is about 15-20 minutes). After spraying, spray a layer of transparent paint on the surface of the paint film according to the requirements of users to make the surface of the luminous paint more beautiful and last longer.
spray glow in the dark paint