Lightfastness: No obvious change in 200 hours of daily strong light and UV light.

Water resistance: The untreated product was immersed in water for 1 hour without obvious change. After that, the divalent europium was gradually hydrolyzed and oxidized, the body color turned white, and the afterglow characteristics were lost.

Heat resistance: 800K oxidation atmosphere for 0.5 hours, no significant change in performance. > 800K oxidizing atmosphere for 0.5 hours, as the temperature increases, the performance decreases significantly.  When it is> 1273K, almost no afterglow emission is observed in the reducing atmosphere at 0-1600K for 0.5 hours, and the performance is not significantly changed.

Radioactive: No radioactivity has been detected by relevant state departments.  Because this product does not contain any radioactive elements and toxic heavy metals, it is non-toxic, harmless, and safe for the human body. It is a new generation of green and environmentally friendly light-emitting materials.

Glow in the dark powder: can be used as an additive or pigment. Evenly distributed in various transparent or semi-transparent media, such as paint, plastic, rubber and printing paste, glass, ceramic, chemical fiber, etc., to achieve the self-luminous function of the medium, showing good low-level lighting instructions and decoratio landscaping effect.

Long life: The material has a stable crystalline structure, and the luminous properties can be permanently absorbed under the premise that the crystalline structure is not damaged light absorption-energy storage-glow, and the performance can generally last up to 15 years.

glow in the dark powder