1. Need to use neutral or weak transparent resin, mixed use.
  2. High-speed agitation is needed to disperse the raw materials. It is better to use glass or ceramic containers for storage.
  3. The storage time depends on the moisture content. It will absorb the moisture in the air. It should be protected from moisture and the moisture should not be too heavy.
  4. In order to reduce the precipitation of glow in the dark powder, high viscosity resin or anti-settling agent should be used. Stir well before use. Use thinner to adjust viscosity. Do not use heavy metal compounds as additives.
  5. The printing background is mainly white or reflective color, which can improve the glow in the dark time and luminous effect of printed patterns.
  1.  For outline printing, in order to obtain better luminous effect, the outline size should be 80-120.
  2.  The thickness of glow in the dark paint and ink is preferably not less than 100 μm, and the thickness is 130-150 μm. The effect is the best.(The silk screen can be printed two or three times to achieve this thickness.  If specially used on the wall, it should be thickened as required)
  3.  The recommended amount of luminous powder is 10% -70% of the total weight, which can be increased if necessary. The more the amount used, the better the luminous effect.
  4.  According to different printing materials, select different types of transparent inks, such as printing metal materials, you must choose the ink for metal, such as printing PVC materials, you must choose the ink for PVC, the higher the transparency the better.
  5. If water-based coatings and inks are required, the glow in the dark powder must be wrapped with special microcapsules to have durability.
luminous ink