In the computer color measurement and color matching system, the spectrophotometer is a very important part. Its function is equivalent to the human eye. All colors need to be measured by it and converted into data and transmitted to the software for processing.Therefore, the accuracy and reliability of the spectrometer has a crucial impact on the evaluation of the final color of the color.

If you want to correctly evaluate the color difference or color matching, you must first be able to correctly distinguish the color, otherwise all subsequent work cannot be carried out.This point is the same for artificial color matching and computer color matching, without any difference.  The importance of color measurement and color matching software in the system is undoubted, and its role is equivalent to that of the human brain.The evaluation of the color measurement and color matching software’s advantages and disadvantages is finally reflected in the correlation between the color difference evaluation results and the human eye and the accuracy of the given formula.

The differences between the softwares are very large. The software’s color matching accuracy, international recognition of measurement results, and ease of operation are the basic conditions for evaluating software. Rare earth long-acting glow in the dark powder is an alkaline earth aluminate type long afterglow luminescent material that can absorb light for 5-20 minutes under sunlight or light, convert the absorbed light energy and store it in the crystal lattice, and convert the energy in the dark.

It emits light for light energy, which can effectively continue to emit light (luminous brightness greater than 10mcd / m2) for 8-12 hours, and the time for the glow in the dark brightness to decay to the lower limit of human visual observation (0.32mcd / m2) can reach more than 70 hours.  Stable in nature, the light absorption, light storage, and luminescence processes can be repeated, and the service life can reach more than 20 years.  This kind of material is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and no harmful substances are produced during the production process.

glow in the dark powder