1. Luminous inks are oil-based inks, which can be diluted with corresponding diluents when used.  (Water-based inks can also be customized and diluted with water).  Printing background is recommended to use white or reflective color system, which can increase the luminous intensity in the dark.
  2. Glow in the dark ink contains luminous powder particles, and the mesh size is selected between 100 mesh and 150 mesh.
  3. Luminous ink can be mixed with dyes or pigments to match more color variations.  For printing different materials, a suitable ink substrate should be selected.
  4. Luminous inks are suitable for screen printing, pad printing, and spraying (paper \ clothing \ metal \ glass \ ceramic \ plastic).


  1. Storage: Luminous ink should be sealed and stored in a closed, dry and dark place, avoiding direct sunlight.
  2. Toxicity and safety: Luminous ink is slightly irritating to the skin and respiratory tract. It should be closed during transportation and the environment during printing should be kept in good ventilation.  After the ink is completely dry, it will not have any odor or irritation, and meet the safety toy and food packaging specifications.
  3. Precautions for use: Please stir the luminous ink thoroughly before use. Do not use metal containers and metal stirrers, and avoid high-speed friction.
Luminous ink