Glue heat transfer—print the prepared paste directly on a T-shirt garment or cloth through a screen.  It is suitable for solid single color or multi-color printing of dots, lines and blocks, but not for dot printing.

Foaming three-dimensional heat transfer—Adding a foaming agent to the ink, which is directly printed on the T-shirt fabric through a screen. When heated and cured, the microcapsules of the foaming agent expand rapidly when heated to form a three-dimensional concave-convex pattern with fastness.  Good, washable, soft and so on.  Only suitable for monochrome dot and line printing, not suitable for block and dot printing.  Combined with other forms of printing process can achieve good results.

Reflective heat transfer——Special reflective material glass microbeads are added into the ink resin, which are directly printed on the T-shirt fabrics of various colors through the screen plate. In the place with insufficient sunlight or at night, it can be illuminated by itself and reflected by external light sources.  To the warning effect.  Suitable for printing all kinds of fiber fabrics.

Thick plate heat transfer—the ink is printed directly on the T-shirt garment or cloth by using a thick screen plate made of thick film photoresist to form an embossed concave-convex pattern.  It is suitable for monochrome dot, line and small surface printing. When combined with other Luminous heat transfer—the glow in the dark powder (rare earth) containing the light-storing function is made into paint by screen printing, and printed on various material fabric T-shirts to form a pattern. After a certain amount of light leaves the light source, the pattern is released  stores afterglow, has good glow in the dark effect and excellent feel and fastness.  However, it is limited to printing on light to medium colors.

Luminous T-shirt