For the decoration of children’s rooms, the most headache for parents is the background wall decoration. There are many methods and materials for decoration. At the same time, each has its own advantages. Below, Jiuzheng Home Network has the following decoration for the background wall of children’s rooms.  Several decoration techniques, let’s learn together.

At present, there are various styles of luminous wall stickers for children’s rooms on the market. This kind of patterned and colorful luminous wall stickers are popular with people. Its various cartoon patterns can put children in fairy tales.  , Using this kind of luminous wall sticker for children’s room to decorate children’s room will surely make the room full of childlike and romantic colors.

The selection of glow in the dark wall stickers in children’s rooms can be determined according to the age and personal preferences of the children. When choosing a luminous wall sticker, parents must consider its quality and must go to the store that sells luminous wall stickers. Do not choose some inferior and cheap products.  The main material of the luminous wall sticker is no luminous powder or phosphor itself, but in order to extend the use time, some unscrupulous merchants will add radioactive substances in it to prolong the luminous time, so pay attention to the quality of the product when choosing.

luminous stickers