Electrostatic flocking printing-the adhesive with electrostatic flocking is directly printed on the T-shirt garment or cloth sheet through screen printing, and the fiber fluff is oriented, vertically and uniformly planted in the adhesive through static electricity.  The three-dimensional relief pattern formed by heating and curing has a unique style.  The electrostatic flocking printing is suitable for the printing of monochrome and multi-color patterns, and can be printed in cooperation with other printing products.

Gold and silver onion printing—print pastes containing gold glitter, silver glitter, laser glitter, colorful glitter on various color T-shirt fabrics to make the pattern lustrous, gold rich, silver gorgeous, and laser  Colorful colors.

Pearlescent printing-printing paste contains special inorganic crystals of mica titanium, which have reflective properties.  Print it on a T-shirt garment or piece of cloth to give the pattern a pearl-like sheen.  Can be cross-printed with other printing processes.  Can be combined with a variety of printing products and suitable for various types of patterns.

Fragrance printing-a new type of printing paste that can release the fragrance slowly and lastly after the natural flowers and fruit flavors have been scientifically developed and formulated. The fragrance is stored in the resin microcapsules.  Applying it to a T-shirt print will give the wearer a fragrant floral fragrance.

Discharge printing—printing color dyes that can destroy the fabric itself on the fabric through screen printing, and then heating and pressing to obtain various patterns, which is a printing process widely used in T-shirt pattern printing  .

Bright bead printing-the screen printing of viscose bead paste on various fabrics or various colors of T-shirt fabrics, sprayed with plastic beads or glass beads after curing, under the influence of environmental colors and external light,  Looks crystal clear, clean and bright.

Noctilucent printing-the glow in the dark powder (rare earth) containing the light-storing function is made into a coating (glow in the dark paint) by screen printing, and printed on a variety of material T-shirt fabrics to form a pattern. After a certain amount of light leaves the light source  , The pattern releases and stores the afterglow, has a good luminous effect and excellent feel and fastness.  However, it is limited to printing on light to medium colors.

luminous T-shirt