The luminous principle and performance of glow in the dark powder have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Absorbing for half an hour under visible light during the day, it can continue to emit light for more than 12 hours at night or in the dark. For this reason, luminous materials have two main functions in the field of fire protection:

Fire emergency lighting and evacuation signs. Fire emergency lighting is the lighting provided for fire rescue workers and their safe evacuation when the power grid fails due to a fire. The luminous signs made of luminous materials indicate the direction of evacuation with conspicuous text and sharp arrow marks. The sudden dimming of the evacuation routes caused people’s psychological panic and ensured the evacuation safety.

Therefore, luminous materials and long-lasting super-bright luminous powders are used in the field of fire protection and have received good results. They provide safe escape instructions and lighting for emergencies, especially in building evacuation facilities. Luminous materials such as luminous powder and luminous powder have become the first choice for fire emergency lighting and evacuation instructions, and some buildings have gradually adopted luminous ceramics and glow in the dark mosaics.

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