The emergency exit sign is a kind of hard film board with a new type of glow in the dark powder printed on the reverse side of PVC. The luminous film board has an excellent emergency self-lighting function. It can provide a good escape indication in the event of a sudden power failure in the dark. The light emission time is up to 8 More than hours.

1, Function: Emergency escape guidance system for subway stations, including self-illuminated evacuation guidance signs, shielded door, and door arrow signs, self-illuminated station halls, platform ground fire evacuation instruction signs, self-illuminated walk stairs evacuation Indication ID.

2.Specifications (length * height)

Get off (get on) arrow mark of shield door boundary stone: 210 * 230mm; 148 * 182mm etc.

Fire escape signs on the ground and aisles: 80 * 120 mm, 90 * 150 mm, etc.

Arrow of the walking ladder: 70 * 80 mm etc.

3, fire evacuation sign material description:

①Use 2-5mm GB 304 # or above stainless steel plate, stainless steel metallurgy, high temperature, and high pressure is forming at one time. The surface graphics are etched and sunk, and the negative side is coated with a light storage material.

② The long-lasting self-luminous material is used as the light storage material. After a short period of 1-5 minutes of light absorption, the light can continue to emit light for 12 hours. Its self-emitting material meets the following requirements:

Appearance color: light yellow or green powder.

Glow color: light yellow luster or green luster.

Luminous main peak wavelength: 520nm. Excitation light wavelength range: 200-450nm.

The afterglow brightness value satisfies:

5 minutes brightness ≥1000mcd / M2 20 minutes brightness ≥250mcd / M2

60 minutes brightness ≥80mcd / M2 90 minutes brightness ≥45mcd / M2

③ The surface of the mark shall not be lower than 0 according to the requirements of GB / T1766-1995.

④ The weather resistance, color adhesion, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, water resistance, and radioactivity of the fire-fighting safety evacuation sign of fire storage should meet the requirements of GA480.3-2004.

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