Market expectation

The quality is like a crystal, and the sign that never rusts without connecting to the power supply-the glow in the dark sign uses unique manufacturing technology, advanced processing technology, and one-time molding. Traditional wooden signs have many deficiencies such as paint removal, aging, short service life, and oxidized rust on metal signs, which solves many inconveniences such as the traditional sign that cannot be illuminated at night.

The crystal night cursor sign is a common identifying sign during the day. It is as bright as a mirror, noble and elegant, and does not require electricity at night. It automatically glows and is pleasing to the eye. The product can be widely used in government agencies, large and medium schools, banks, post offices, factories, hotels, restaurants, companies, entertainment venues, shops, shopping malls, and other enterprises and institutions to indicate signs, and can be used in streets, highways, road signs, traffic instructions Cards, unit signs, vehicles, ships, mines, basements, warehouses, safety signs, etc.


The variety of crystal night cursor brand series can be arbitrarily made with various shapes, sizes, thicknesses, different colors (all colors of glow in the dark powder), patterns, and texture effects. It has the following characteristics that are different from traditional signboards:

  1. Quality as crystal, bright as a mirror;
  2. No need to use electricity, automatically emit light;
  3. The colors are natural and vivid;
  4. Casting, simple process;
  5. excellent performance, excellent quality;
  6. rich in variety, to meet personality.
luminous sign