With the rapid development of highways, tunnel construction technology is becoming increasingly mature, and the number of super-long tunnels is gradually increasing. The contradiction between the safety of tunnel traffic and the power consumption of tunnel lighting is becoming increasingly prominent. Take the highway in Jiangxi Province, China, as an example, and the highway is 152 kilometers. In the first half of this year, the average power consumption of a single tunnel reached 250,000 yuan per kilometer. If glow in the dark walls and pavements are used, they can save more than 75% of electricity through calculation, which can save 28.5 million yuan in costs.

Tunnel driving safety is mainly the change of light at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, the adjustment of the contrast of light intensity by the driver’s eye pupil, and the guarantee of the effective driving sight distance of the tunnel. Illuminated walls and pavements produce an unobtrusive diffused light that illuminates the entire space inside the tunnel, weakens the strong contrast between the light environment inside and outside the tunnel, reduces the time for the eye to adjust the light intensity, and eliminates the driver’s entry Discomfort in the tunnel.

When the tunnel is being constructed, the wall surface needs to be treated. First, brush a layer of white paint on the wall surface, wait for the white paint surface to dry, and then apply the luminous wall paint to the wall surface. Brushing is required twice. It can guarantee the luminous effect of glow in the dark paint. In order to improve the service life of the luminous paint, after the surface of the luminous paint is dried, brush a layer of transparent paint on the surface of the luminous paint. The transparent paint can increase the luminous brightness of the luminous paint and also increase the luminous time.

When constructing the ground of the tunnel, spread the glow in the dark stone evenly on the pavement, and let the luminous stone be inlaid on the pavement. When choosing a luminous stone, choose a luminous stone made of glass, because the luminous stone made of glass has strong weather resistance and high hardness.

luminous tunnel