The luminous pavement is a new type of functional pavement. On the concrete pavement, paving energy-saving luminous gravel (glass luminous stone) can be used to achieve the fluorescent effect. This kind of pavement absorbs the energy of sunlight in the daytime and can illuminate autonomously at night. The lighting time can be as long as more than ten hours. It can replace street lights and solve the lighting problem of the pavement.

The key to the construction of luminous pavement is to choose an effective light-emitting stone, which is made of luminous powder and glass materials and can meet the performance requirements of basic pavement materials, especially the adhesion and abrasion resistance. Light time and light intensity and environmental protection without pollution.

Glow in the dark stone, also known as long afterglow energy storage luminescent material, is a non-radioactive, non-power self-luminous, UV resistant, milk, acid, and alkali resistant material developed for artificial luminescent stone. The material actively absorbs visible light, such as sunlight, light, and ultraviolet light. After 5-10 minutes of irradiation, it can continue to emit light for more than 12 hours in a dark environment.

Currently available colors are yellow-green SrAl204: Eu, Dy, sky blue CaAl204: Eu, Nb, blue-green Sr4All4025: Eu, Dy, they all have excellent long afterglow glow in the dark performance, which is the second generation Luminescent material.

luminous pavement