First of all, Glow Technology believes that no matter if the watch has no luminous function, it should be taken down when sleeping. Some reasons for the development of glow in the dark function are for military use. This technology is first applied to military watches. You don’t think Is the luminous function convenient?

Noctilucent materials are divided into two types: self-luminous and light-storing. The basic components of self-luminous noctilucent materials are radioactive materials. They do not need to absorb energy from the outside and can emit light continuously, not only at night but also during the day. Light-storing noctilucent materials rarely contain radioactive materials and are not restricted in use. However, they need to absorb external light energy to emit light, and they must store enough light to ensure that they always emit light.

Another drawback of light-storing luminous materials is that the brightness is not enough. Most of the watches’ luminous materials are based on the element rhenium, which can be absorbed by metal or glass and can penetrate the plastic case, so previous watches will warn users that if glass It should not be worn if it is broken. On military watches with a luminous effect, “H3 or T” will be marked.

Although luminous watches have a certain amount of radiation, the plutonium element is a radioactive element, but Glow Technology assures you that no watchmaking company will let their watches have radiation that harms the human body, and the watch’s radiation is strictly controlled in one It is within a safe range, so please feel free to wear it.

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