How to distinguish the quality of luminous powder? Don’t know how to choose glow in the dark powder, and which luminous powder is better? Many customers call and immediately need the best and brightest luminous powder. They don’t know how to identify the luminous powder and how to judge the quality of the luminous powder. If there is a machine, you can know the test of the luminous powder, but most customers do not have a machine to test, so you can only see with the naked eye to distinguish the quality of the luminous powder.

The following luminous technology makes an analysis of the luminous powder’s quality, brightness, and light absorption time:

First, take out the luminous powder and place it on the table. Take a closer look at the presence of impurities. You can observe it with a magnifying glass. Then what I want to say is that the particle size of the luminous powder is directly related to the brightness of luminous powder. Luminous The larger the powder particle, the brighter the luminous effect, and the smaller the luminous powder particle, the darker the luminous effect, so when choosing a luminous powder, you also need to see what industry you use. Is there any great requirement for the particle size? If not, it is recommended to Choose a thicker luminous powder, so the luminous effect is more obvious.

Place the luminous powder on the table, use the light to illuminate for about 10 seconds (preferably with purple light), and then turn off the light to compare the brightness. See which light absorption effect is fast. The luminous effect is obvious, the luminous powder with high brightness absorbs light faster than ordinary luminous powder, and the light absorption effect is more obvious.

Use the light to continue to illuminate for 15-30 minutes for comparison. The good brightness is definitely a better luminous powder. Put the luminous powder after irradiation in a dark environment, observe the luminous brightness after half an hour, observe the luminous brightness after one hour, and compare their brightness after a few hours, and finally, you can get which luminous powder effect it is good.

glow in the dark powder comparison