If you are one of those people who like to be different, we have a great idea for you. Instead of spending hundreds on solar lights for your pathway or garden area, consider making glow in the dark rocks.

This kind of luminous rock is unavailable, you can make it with ordinary rock through DIY, you can get beautiful and unique rock.

The required materials are very simple. Buy a bucket of glow in the dark paint for outdoor use and prepare some rocks.

Once you have your materials ready, just lay the rocks on newspapers or other material to protect the area where you are working. We recommend painting the rocks outdoors so that the paint fumes do not get too strong.

Be sure that you thoroughly clean the rocks, brushing any dirt or other debris from them before you paint. Even the best glow in the dark paint will fail if you skip this step and don’t clean the rocks. Next, you just brush a light coat onto the surface of all of your rocks. Once this coat dries, go ahead and add a second coat to ensure that you get the surface of the rocks covered well.

You can add a light coating of epoxy or another clear coat if you want to ensure that the paint lasts through different weather conditions.

That is all there is to it, this is how to make glow in the dark stone.

Now you have lovely rocks that will provide excellent and unique lighting for your pathway. Just lay them in the places where you want them and build a beautiful walkway that will charge up during the daytime from the sun’s UV rays.

During the night, you will have a lovely glow on your walkway. You can add other elements if you want to make it truly unique, but this inexpensive and easy idea is really all you need to create a lovely walkway or garden area.

Glow in the dark rocks