The luminous powder is divided into two categories: photoinduced energy storage luminous powder, radioactive glow in the dark powder.

The former is a material with light energy storage function. After being illuminated by light, it can emit light for several hours, even ten hours. In the past ten years, rare earth long-acting noctilucent powder has been mass-produced and applied in various fields, and has the high luminous performance. No poison, no radiation, and so on. It should be said that the current luminous powder will not be radioactive as long as it will “absorb light.” There is also a so-called imported short-acting luminous powder, which is also a photoluminescent luminous powder, which is stored after absorbing light. Glow again.

The luminous principle of the photoluminescent luminous powder is that when exposed to light, the electrons of some rare elements in the powder absorb the light energy; when there is no light, the absorbed light energy is released. Energy is released in the form of light so that we can see these “glowing powders at night” (luminous powder for short).

It is worth noting that noctilucent powder absorbs white light, but the energy released is weak and has a single wavelength. It cannot form white light, but forms “soft fluorescence.”

The latter is an early glow in the dark material. During the production process, radioactive thorium and radium elements are added, and the radioactive source is used to provide energy to excite light. This luminous powder does not need to “absorb energy” to emit light until the radioactive source’s radioactive decay, Noctilucent will disappear. This material is a product that is relatively backward in technology decades ago. Because it is harmful to the human body, no one has produced it in the past 30 years and cannot find it. Yueguang Technology is a professional company with many years of experience in the production and sales of luminous powder. The products are sold at home and abroad and are used in various industries. According to the problems in the application process, further engineering technology development has been carried out, which has been well received by users.

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