Glow technology has summarized some methods of using glow in the dark powder according to many years of experience. The usage of luminous powder is determined according to the actual requirements of customers. According to different uses, luminous intensity, and different requirements, it is summarized in the actual production process. For its own solution, the luminous powder determines the quality and cost of the luminous powder according to its luminous intensity and the length of the afterglow time. Next, I will show you how to use the luminous powder for injection molding and printing.

Injection type luminous powder: The ratio of luminous powder to plastic materials is generally about 4% -10%. According to the shade of the product color, the luminous powder is less, and the luminous powder is more. The first is the ingredients. Add the diffusion material to the raw materials and stir for one minute, then add the color powder and stir for two minutes. Need attention! The luminous powder cannot be rubbed with iron; too long time will turn the raw materials black.

The second is an injection molding machine. The injection molding machine must be cleaned, and the temperature can be adjusted to the lowest level before it can be injected. The material should not be in the injection molding machine for too long to prevent scorching. The products made by different machines are also different and need to be adjusted slowly.

The third is noctilucent powder. For various reasons, the noctilucent powder can cause blackening due to various reasons, such as injection molding technology, injection molding machine, and material temperature, so it is necessary to slowly correct the technology.

Printing luminous powder: In order to reduce the problem of precipitation of glow in the dark powder in coatings, you can use high viscosity resin and add an anti-settling agent. Stir well before use. Do not use heavy metal compounds as additives. The printing background is mainly white or reflective color, which can improve the brightness and luminous time of the ball.

The thickness of the coating and ink is preferably greater than 100μ, such as 130μ ~ 150μ, and its effect is the best. The recommended amount of luminous powder is 10% to 70% of the total weight. The more luminous powder used, the better the luminous effect. According to different printed materials, choose different types of the transparent base surface. Such as printing metal materials, we must choose a metal-specific ink, such as printing PVC material, we must choose a PVC-specific ink, the higher the transparency, the better the effect. If you need to use water-based paints and inks, you need to choose waterproof luminous powder for production.

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