Imagine concrete that looks like ordinary, plain gray concrete during the day, but after the lights go out, it will generate a luminescent glow that will last all night long without being connected to any power source. Although that may sound like super-concrete you’d read about in a science fiction novel, it’s actually a possibility today thanks to the new glow-in-the dark stones from Glow Technology.

Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, Glow Technology glow stones absorb and store natural and artificial light energy, from both the sun and artificial lighting. Once the light source is no longer present, Glow Technology glow pigments begin releasing their stored energy. They utilize a proprietary formulation of powerful, patented photoluminescent pigments, so they will emit their glow for 12 hours or longer to provide a self-generating ambient light source.

The glow-in-the-dark stones can be fully charged in 10 minutes when exposed to natural light. Direct sunlight is not required. In interior applications, Glow Technology glow stones can be fully energized in 15 to 20 minutes minutes using halogen, fluorescent or incandescent light sources.

The stones can be seeded decoratively in a variety of ways, ranging from pool decks, patios and outdoor entertainment areas to kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. They can also serve as an effective, self-emitting way-finding system in low-light areas such as stairways and hallways.