It is unbelievable to use glow tape with a width of 20 mm and stick it on a room or stage to emit light in a dark environment. Glow tape is also called luminous tape. It has a wide range of uses. Whether it is house decoration or road safety, the product has everything.

Glow tape can be irradiated by natural light or an artificial light source, and energy can be replenished many times to achieve the most perfect glowing effect. Cut the glow tape to the same length and paste it anywhere on the floor and ceiling.

Glow tape has a soft vinyl surface and good self-adhesive and has the characteristics of wear resistance and weather resistance. These characteristics mean that the glow tape can be used permanently in some applications. In a dark environment, the glow time is more than 10 hours, and it can be recharged indefinitely.

It can be decorated in a movie theater or bedroom. When holding a party, turning off all lights is the theme of glow. Use high-quality glow tape to create your ideal space.

When the curtains of the stage slowly open, the audience sitting under the stage sees the light emitted by the glow tape, which is the ideal idea of ​​the performer on the stage. Glow tape is easy to use and easy to remove without leaving a trace.

In the event of a fire or earthquake, glow tape is affixed to the steps and walls in the escape route, allowing escaped persons to escape more quickly.