If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you must have heard of overnight light fishing hooks. Fish hooks can glow in a dark environment. Use luminous hooks for fishing because fish will be attracted by light-emitting objects in the water.

Some professional fishing masters have evaluated luminous hooks, and they believe that luminous hooks are very effective for certain species. Because there are differences between species in seawater and species in freshwater, the effect of luminous hooks on them is also different.

Compared with freshwater fish, fish that live in seawater is more attractive to luminous hooks. Through the test, species such as flounder living in the sea respond positively to the luminous hook. Therefore, when fishing with luminous hooks, it is best to choose sea fishing to get more harvest.

According to scientists’ observations, luminous prey is more common in the sea. Squid, salmon, and other species often feed on luminous prey. Therefore, when species in the sea see a luminous hook, they are more likely to bite. Stay on the hook, so the chance of catching the fish will increase.

There is also an environment where luminous hooks can work. In a cold environment, the surface of the lake will freeze. After an ice hole is drilled on the ice, you can go fishing. We call it ice fishing. In the process of ice fishing, the light is blocked by the ice surface and cannot shine into the water, so the environment under the ice surface is dim. It is fishing with a luminous hook. In a dark environment, the light from the hook can attract the attention of the fish and increase the chance of success in ice fishing.

Glow in the dark fishhook