The glow in the dark powder is divided into two types: luminous powder for energy storage and luminous powder for radioactivity under normal circumstances. The stored luminous powder stores light energy after being illuminated by sunlight, light, ultraviolet light, etc. After the light is stopped, the energy is slowly released in a dark environment, so in the dark environment, you can see a green light and emit light. The time is as long as several hours to ten hours.

The luminous powder with radioactivity is a radioactive substance added to the luminous powder. The luminous effect is emitted by the chemical reaction between the radioactive materials. This luminous powder emits light for a long time, but it is poisonous, harmful, and pollutes the environment. The problem is that the scope of application of radioactive luminous powder is getting smaller and smaller, and it has a useful life. When it stops emitting light, its life is over.

At present, the luminous materials at home and abroad are mainly based on energy-saving luminous powders. There are three colors in total, which are yellow-green, sky blue, and blue-green. Because of the different industries and products, the luminous powder required is also different. When choosing glow in the dark powder, you must choose the appropriate luminous powder according to your industry or product.

If it is involved in a humid environment or in contact with water, you must choose a waterproof luminous powder, because the ordinary luminous powder is not waterproof, contact with water will hydrolyze, the luminous powder will turn into a white powder, no longer has the luminous effect.

Now luminous powder involves a total of 6 fields, namely printing, fiber, coatings, plastics, glass, and ceramic tiles. Different areas require luminous powders of different sizes, which are selected according to their products and industries.

glow in the dark powder