When it comes to glow in the dark stones, many people will feel a unique high-end atmosphere. Now, there are fewer and fewer types of luminous stones, so all the artificial luminous stones appear on the market, but when they are used, people are Specially worried, is artificial luminous stone poisonous?

Artificial luminous stone is made of luminous powder and other materials. In order to better distinguish artificial luminous stone from natural, it is necessary to know what the artificial luminous stone has, and then to make a comparison.

The main component of noctilucent is fluorite, which is CaF2, such as the noctilucent of a watch; faint light can cause a fully reflective noctilucent effect! The signposts you see on the highway at night, or the red and white poles outside the pull lines of electric poles, are actually the latter, not the real fluorite. The glow in the dark powder is actually a tiny luminous stone powder, and the glow in the dark  pearl is a relatively large sphere.

Fake night pearls emit fluorescence after being irradiated by a strong radiation source, and some can stay for three or five months or even a year. Many luminescent minerals contain radioactivity and do not approach or contact it for a long time if it has not been tested for radioactivity safety.

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