Luminous condoms refer to condoms that can glow at night. A long time ago, it was made by adding luminous powder to latex. The added luminous powder contains phosphorus, which is easy to cause allergic substances, but with the improvement of the production level, the double-layer sandwich structure has appeared on the market The luminous condom, this new type of condom, will be safer.

The advantages of luminous condoms:

  1. New feelings
    Because it contains luminous ingredients, it will automatically emit light in a dark environment, and this will also add some freshness to the couple’s sexual life, and there will be some new feelings.
  2. Reduce the aversion to condoms
    The emergence of various new condoms is to improve some people’s antipathy towards it. People can choose different condoms according to their hobbies, and luminous condoms are also a more attractive one.
  3. Add fun
    Luminous condoms feel almost the same as ordinary condoms, but they can emit luminous effects in the dark, which can increase the interest of couples’ sexual life to a certain extent.

Disadvantages of luminous condoms:

  1. Cause allergic reactions
    Luminous condoms use phosphor energy to produce luminous effects. Even if the manufacturing process is upgraded, they are still more likely to be allergic than ordinary condoms.
  2. Increase the possibility of gynecological diseases
    Due to the addition of more irritating substances, not only will allergy be more likely to occur, but for women, it will greatly increase the possibility of gynecological diseases, which may cause itching and increased secretions.