Application status of luminous textiles

The application fields of luminous textiles are very extensive. At present, there are different products in the fields of textiles, clothing, decorative crafts, toys, and so on. In the process of placing on the market, it has been affirmed by customers and consumers and has produced good economic benefits.

1、Textile and apparel products

Luminous clothing has exactly the same performance as ordinary clothing during the day, without any peculiarities. This kind of clothing is used in dark places such as night work and entertainment places. According to the International Maritime Bureau, the crew on the ship must wear luminous clothing to improve the safety of workers; stage performers wearing this luminous clothing have both distinctive personality characteristics and can create special stage effects. Children wearing such night-time clothing, shoes, and hats can increase the fun of children’s clothing and satisfy their curiosity.

2、Plush toys, embroidery crafts

In the lives of ordinary people, toys that glow at night are more popular with children and young people. Traditional light-emitting toys are mainly mixed with some radioactive materials in ordinary materials. Due to a certain radioactive hazard, it has gradually disappeared. Instead, new luminous materials are used to make luminous toys. These toys are very similar to ordinary toys during the day. They are bright in a dark environment and attract the attention of children and young consumers. For example, Haibao, the mascot of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, has attracted widespread attention from domestic and foreign tourists after it was put on the market.

3、Other industrial products

Ropes made from luminous fibers have been widely used in night support, military training at night, etc., greatly improving the safety of staff. In Japan and other fishery developed countries, luminous fibers have been made into fishing nets and put into actual production. Taking advantage of the phototaxis of some fish in the ocean can increase fishing output to a certain extent. Add luminous textiles to firefighting facilities and equipment. Even in a dark environment, we can immediately see firefighters and firefighting equipment to achieve the purpose of self-help and being rescued. Markers made of luminous textiles can give a warning signal to drivers driving at night to avoid traffic accidents.

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