What is the new luminous glass

Luminous glass is a building material. During the day, under the sunlight and natural light, it can automatically store energy; at night, when the surrounding environment becomes dark, the energy will be slowly released in the form of luminous light, and the duration can be as long as several hours to more than ten hours. To the effects of indication, display and decoration.

Early luminous glass used luminous substances of sulfide, added organic paint, and sprayed onto the glass surface. This luminous glass is harmful to the environment and has low luminous efficiency. Even after the use of long afterglow luminescent materials to replace sulfides, the luminous efficiency and service life of luminous glass are insufficient due to the easy peeling of paint.

Later, people used the mixed coating of screen printing high-temperature ink and phosphor to coat the glass surface and sinter at high temperature. This method greatly improves the service life of the product, but due to the shielding and blocking effect of the ink, the luminous efficacy of the product is affected, and the ultimate effect of its light storage and luminescence cannot be fully exerted.

The new luminous glass is a kind of glass that can effectively extend the service life without affecting the luminous effect. This glass is divided into upper and lower layers, two layers of PVB film are sandwiched between the two layers of glass, and a layer of luminous film is sandwiched between the two layers of PVB film, because it is protected by multiple layers, it can well protect the performance of luminous film Improve the service life and luminous effect of the new luminous glass.

Luminous glass