Now, there is such a group of people who have modified the innovative thinking that people focused on the driving experience of cars, and set their sights on highways to innovate highways. They proposed the intelligent and creative concept of the highways-noctilucent Highway, which is a combination of glow in the dark powder technology, dynamics technology, interactive induction lights, and induction priority lanes, and they are expected to be realized one by one in the next five years.

What is Luminous Highway?

“We asked ourselves why we are always designing cars of different models and performances, and why can’t we design the Highway? We started to think about how we can make it more interactive and sustainable?” The designer, when answering the interview of “Visual China” reporter, said that the germination of the creative idea of ​​the Luminous Highway originated from the underwater world. “One day in the Netherlands, I was sitting in a car and suddenly realized that we spent millions of dollars building roads, but no one seems to care about what the roads look like and how the roads are. “He believes that humans consume a lot of energy to obtain light and make a lot of equipment, but ignore the inspiration that nature gives to humans.” Why can’t we take a look at how jellyfish shine? So I started to imagine what the future roads will look like, and technology will jump out of computer screens and become part of our lives. ”

Glow in the dark Highway, as its name implies, is a highway that can glow in the dark. This idea was considered incredible when it was first proposed, but the intelligent highway concept behind Luminous Highway was officially proposed at the Dutch Design Week event. It was sought after, and the idea was awarded the “Best Future Concept” title at the Dutch Design Grand Prix.

glow in the dark paint for highway