The designer and the infrastructure management group jointly proposed the idea of ​​the luminous highway. According to another designer of the luminous highway, they tried to use glow in the dark paint to increase the brightness. This coating uses sunlight to charge during the day and provides lighting to the road at night. In this way, many other lighting facilities and power consumption can be saved.

At the same time, we are also developing coatings that can change color with temperature changes. For example, when the weather is cold, and the road starts to freeze and become slippery, these paints will show huge ice crystals as the temperature changes, helping drivers. Identify the location of the ice, and when the temperature rises from the sun, these ice crystals will disappear automatically.

“In the design, you have to consider people’s lifestyle and their life experience.” The designer said that the luminous highway they developed also has a bright spot, that is, the highway has a priority channel for electric vehicles. It will automatically charge the car when this channel is used.

At the Dutch Design Week event, the designers stated that their goal is to innovate traditional transportation methods and focus the application of technology on highways, not specific transportation. The boldest idea for the future is to set up dedicated lanes that allow vehicles to recharge while they are driving. Moreover, energy-saving lamps are installed on both sides of the highway. When the driver approaches the lights, the lights will gradually light up; when they leave, the lights will gradually go out.

The luminous highway is no longer a concept.

After the luminous highway concept was launched, designers and research teams began a lot of research and development. They cooperated with paint manufacturers to produce a luminous powder to replace the paint on road markings. It will absorb sunlight and darken it when night falls Medium glow for up to 10 hours. The designer said: “The road surface will also be painted with special paint, such as snowflakes, when the temperature drops to a certain value, these signs will become visible, telling people that the road may slip.”

glow highway 2