What is luminous jewelry?

With the continuous upgrade of glow technology, the field of luminous light is more extensive. By mixing luminous powder and other materials, jewelry that glows in a dark environment is made. We call it luminous jewelry. Very common in life, such as luminous necklaces, luminous earrings, luminous pins, luminous rings, etc. These novel jewelry are beautiful and crystal clear, and will not fade after long-term exposure to sunlight.

Luminous jewelry is made of long afterglow luminescent materials (luminous powder). Its luminous principle is that after being exposed to visible light such as sunlight or light, it releases energy under dark conditions and produces “luminous light.” It does not add any radioactive elements, is non-toxic and non-polluting, and has no harm to the human body.

Jewelry materials currently used, from precious diamonds to cheap glass or plastic, all emit beautiful colors by the reflection of external light. However, the luminous jewelry relies on its own luminous effect, with the help of the reflective function of gemstones to produce a special artistic light effect.

In addition to necklaces, rings, earrings, and brooches decorated by women, tie clips, belt buckles, cufflinks, and handbags used by men can be made into a luminous effect.

The price of luminous jewelry now varies. In addition to the difference in brand and material, the most important thing is the choice of luminous powder. There are many types of luminous powder. The level of brightness and the time of luminescence are important factors in choosing the quality of luminous powder.