Luminous mosaic, also known as luminous mosaic, is a kind of luminous material added to ordinary mosaic, and finally produces a luminous tile, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, non-slip, beautiful, energy-saving and environmental protection, and no color change It is widely used in various indoor and outdoor wall and floor decoration.

Luminous mosaic performance advantages
(1) Energy-saving and environmental protection
The luminous mosaic is made of luminous materials with no toxicity and no side effects. It can absorb energy during the day and release energy in the form of fluorescence at night, thus effectively achieving an energy-saving and environmental protection effect.
(2) Beautiful, rich patterns
Luminous mosaic usually uses many small stones or colored glass fragments to splice into a perfect pattern shape, which is not only beautiful and generous but also quite rich and diverse.
(3) Anti-skid and wear-resistant
Luminous mosaic is made of small pieces, and there is a small gap between the two pieces, which increases the friction between the brick and the sole. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, anti-skid, and no deformation. Use is more common.
(4) Decorative effect
Luminous mosaic can not only emit light but also make the whole space achieve a decorative effect, which is mainly used in the decoration of walls and floors.

Disadvantages of luminous mosaic tiles
(1) Not easy to clean up
The installation process of the luminous mosaic is the simplest. It is directly pasted one by one without filling the gap, so it is also the easiest to hide dirt. If there is a stain in the gap, it is difficult to clean.
(2) Single color
Luminous mosaics generally only have two colors, the color is relatively single, and there are no other patterns and materials to fill the interior decoration effect.
(3) High price
The manufacturing process of luminous mosaic tiles is more difficult, so the price is much higher than other mosaic tiles, about 500-1000 yuan/square.

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