Mosaic can be collaged with different beautiful patterns through different sorting methods according to the designer’s design. The specifications of luminous mosaics are the same as ordinary mosaics, but the luminous effect can be used to arrange them according to the needs so that they show different pattern effects in the day and night. Therefore, it is often used on walls to create a romantic atmosphere, or used in swimming pools to create a romantic effect of starlight.

Luminous mosaics can show two different effects during the day and night because the luminous mosaics are coated with a layer of light-emitting luminescent material on the back when they are made. Combined, and the luminous effect presented is permanent. Usually only need to absorb half an hour of a solar light source can continue to shine for 8 to 12 hours. Many people think that such luminescent materials are compound materials, which are polluted and not conducive to human health. In fact, light-storing luminescent materials rarely contain radioactive substances, and they mainly absorb external clean solar energy to emit light, so they can be used with confidence.

Luminous mosaics can create a romantic atmosphere, but can the stereoscopic fluorescence effect make people feel romantic? Luminous Marseilles on the market is only available in yellow, green, and blue-green colors. However, in order to make the luminous mosaic have a colorful appearance, color stickers of various colors are often affixed before spraying the light-emitting luminescent material to present a variety of effects.