In this paint film impact test, the test tool we used was a paint film impactor. The test height was 1 meter, and the test weight was 1 kg. Place the prepared luminous paint experimental board in the paint film impactor, and place it in a good position. Press the switch to release the 1 kg steel ball in the instrument from a height of one meter and hit the center of the luminous paint experiment plate.

After smashing, the recessed part of the luminous paint experimental board was observed, and no obvious crack was found. The macro was used to zoom in on the depression, and no obvious cracks were found in the enlarged depression.

It can be concluded through the impact resistance test of luminous paint that the luminous ground paint is brushed on the base surface, and the impact test is performed with a heavy object. After the test, the surface of the paint film has no obvious cracks, indicating that the luminous ground paint has high strength. Characteristics of strong impact resistance. With these two characteristics, then this luminous paint is suitable for ground construction.

Here glow technology reminds you that in the process of selecting luminous paint, choose glow in the dark paint according to your needs and the base surface used.

paint film impactor