The glow in the dark powder is divided into many types, highlighting luminous powder, fast-absorbing luminous powder, waterproof luminous powder, and so on. The service life of the products is more than 15 years.

Although the application fields of different luminous powders are different, their luminous time can reach more than 12 hours. When making luminous paint, you need to choose a waterproof luminous powder, which can be stored in an aqueous medium for a long time.

After the luminous paint is finished, the glow in the dark effect is realized by the particles of luminous powder. Because the light needs to spread in the medium, when selecting the resin material for the luminous paint, you should choose a material with good light transmission and no obstruction. The medium used to make the luminous paint affects the brightness of the light. When selecting the medium, it is best to choose a colorless or transparent medium.

The particle size of luminous powder ranges from 5 to 90 microns. In terms of properties, it can be used in paints. However, due to the special properties of glow in the dark paint, it is best to choose a luminous powder of 20-40 microns. When making luminous paint, you can choose the amount of luminous powder according to the time and brightness of the light. 30% is the ideal ratio.

Put the resin or varnish in the container (glass, ceramic, plastic), add additives, and start stirring. During the stirring process, add anti-settling agent and luminous powder in turn until the luminous powder is evenly distributed in the medium. It should be noted that contact with metal should be avoided during the stirring process.

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